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» 03/01/16 - Steelers Vs. Cleveland Browns Game
Asisten Christina Aguilera & Matthew Rutler

» 05/01/16 - Linda Perry's "Hands Of Love" Party
Christina Aguilera - Mother

» 07/01/16 - Hillary Clinton's Event LA
Christina Aguilera invitada especial

» 10/01/16 - Kurios by Cirque Du Soleil
Christina Aguilera asiste con familia

» 11/01/16 - London Fashion Week AW16
Colección Bobby Abley inspirada en Xtina

» 27/01/16 - NBC The Voice 2016
Grabación "Battles" The Voice S10 (Día 1)

» 28/01/16 - NBC The Voice 2016
Grabación "Battles" The Voice S10 (Día 2)

» 09/02/16 - NBC The Voice 2016
Grabación "Knockouts" The Voice S10

» 29/02/16 - NBC The Voice 2016
Estreno Primer Episodio The Voice S10

» ??/02/16 - Jimmy Fallon
Christina Aguilera invitada especial

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[Fotos+Videos] Christina Aguilera cantó en evento 31 Nights of Halloween Fan Fest (12/Sep/19)

13 Sep 2019

Publicado por JefferXon En: Christina Aguilera Noticias


Christina Aguilera hará una aparición especial en el evento televisado llamado "31 Nights of Halloween" Fan Fest que se llevará a cabo en el cementerio The Hollywood Forever Cemetery en celebración de las películas favoritas de Halloween como Hocus Pocus, Ghostbusters y The Addams Family, ademas del tributo por los 50 años de Haunted Mansion.
El show será dirigido por Vanessa Hudgens y Jordan Fisher con aparición especial de Aguilera y presentaciones de Kristin Chenoweth & JD McCrary, In Real Life, Salt ’N Pepa, Ray Parker, Jr., entre otros. Habrá entradas a la venta.


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[Audio+Video] Christina Aguilera fue entrevistada por Andy Cohen para SiriusXM (12/Sep/19)

17 Sep 2019

Publicado por JefferXon En: Christina Aguilera Noticias
El pasado 12 de septiembre Christina Aguilera fue entrevistada por Andy Cohen para su programa radial en SiriusXM.
Xtina hizo una parada en el programa antes de su presentación en el evento 31 Nights of Halloween Fan Fest donde interpretó Haunted Heart para la nueva película de Los Locos Addams (ver tema).
Esta entrevista radial fue publicada el 16 de septiembre de 2019.


They talked about the following:
- New dates on the residence
- New song for the Adams Family
- Changing the looks for the Xperience
- She loves the LegendTina nickname
- The impact of Dirrty and the PV
- The coming celebration of Bionic
- Beautiful being a legendary track
- She basically LOVES Twice
- How much she loves Gaga, Demi, and all the new girls
- She knows that the new pop stars use Stripped as a template
- How much she loves her fighters
- She doesn't care about the Bionic gate
- She doesn't know much about Taylor Swift's problems with her masters
- Beverly Hills and New York Housewives, she loves them
- She loves Erika Jane
- She's open to performing on the NFL show (the Superbowl)
- Andy said that Moo has Christmas, that perhaps Christina should become the Queen of Halloween, which she LOVED!
- She will dress as the Adams Family for Halloween
- Stripped was the defining moment in her career. It was the time when she truly let go, and showed her true self. It is her favorite album.
- She had fun with Justin during tour
- Andy tried to have her say something negative about JT's incident with Janet, she kept it classy. She basically said she felt it was disheartening to see what happened. She feels bad that Janet came under the heat. She LOVES her.
- Soul singers are the ones she looked up to, Etta James, etc., when she started. She wasn't allowed to see Madge videos when she was a child. She considers her Madge an innovator and fearless.
- Whitney and Mariah are also her biggest influences.
- Etta, Madge, Whitney, and Moo.
- She loves Whitney. She met her a couple times.
- She loves doing collabs. She had the chance to talk with everyone she sang with on the Voice. Ariana stood out.
- She loves Mick Jagger, the guy, she kinda shaded the MLJ song
- She's open to collaborating with Britney. She feels sad for Britney. She wants her to be happy. She understands her.
- Burlesque 2? That would be fun
- Andy mentions her as the Queen of Halloween at the very end

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[Fotos+Videos] Christina Aguilera invitada en el show de Lilly Singh (18/Sep/19)

17 Sep 2019

Publicado por JefferXon En: Christina Aguilera Noticias
A Little Late With Lilly Singh - Primetime Special


A Little Late with Lilly Singh scores prime time special with This Is Us stars, Tony Hale, Christina Aguilera

Just two days into her late-night run, Lilly Singh is already moving to prime time.

Granted, it’s only for one night, but NBC is hoping it’s a big one. The network will air A Little Late with Lilly Singh: The Primetime Special on Wednesday at 10 p.m. ET/PT, and EW has an exclusive look at some of her guests. The 60-minute special — which has been slated following the two-hour season finale of America’s Got Talent — will feature Singh in a variety of sketches, games, and interviews. Guests for this special include Christina Aguilera, Tony Hale (working with a variety of wigs), This Is Us stars Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia, Kenan Thompson, and a performance by 5 Seconds of Summer. Also: Are we forgetting anyone? Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.


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[Fotos+Videos] Christina Aguilera cantó en evento de moda en Londres (15/Sep/19)

15 Sep 2019

Publicado por JefferXon En: Christina Aguilera Noticias

Christina Aguilera fue una de las invitadas especiales al evento Virgin Voyages and Gareth Pugh collaboration launch party llevado a cabo en el The Royal Opera Houseel por el London Fashion Week (LFW) el pasado 15 de septiembre en Londres.
Xtina interpretó varias de sus canciones emblemáticas como Dirrty, ANOM, Lady Marmalade, Let There be Love entre otras.











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[Foto] Christina Aguilera fue vista en el Aeropuerto LAX de Los Ángeles (13/Sep/19)

15 Sep 2019

Publicado por JefferXon En: Christina Aguilera Noticias

Christina Aguilera viajó a Londres el pasado 13 de septiembre y fue vista pasando el filtro de seguridad en el aeropuerto LAX de Los Ángeles.


I just saw @xtina at the airport and I choked and couldn’t even gather words to speak omg if you see this Christina ilysm

Y’all I just seen Christina Aguilera in the flesh and I’m not okay and I have many regrets like I couldn’t even speak to her. She may not have wanted to talk to me at all, most likely not, but ILL NEVER KNOW.

She was in the TSA line & I was in regular security

We just saw Christina Aguilera at the airport..... Oh and I got completely frisked by TSA. Goodbye California

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[Fotos+Videos] Christina Aguilera aparecerá en el nuevo show de Kelly Clarkson

11 Sep 2019

Publicado por JefferXon En: Christina Aguilera Noticias
Al parecer Christina Aguilera será una de las invitadas del nuevo show de Kelly Clarkson y ayer tuvo lugar la grabación. Un usuario de afirma que uno de sus amigos asistió a la grabación. Hablaron sobre la canción Miss Independent, su amistad entre otras cosas. No hubo presentación musical.

My LA friend who is a major Kelly stan was in the audience today and texted me that Xtina was her first guest. They talked about Miss Independent, too, and basically just became girlfriends. No performance, though. Those are all the details I have at the moment.
She talked about the residency and Haunted Heart--those were the only promo things she touched on apparently.

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Christina Aguilera anuncia 3 fechas en México

13 Sep 2019

Publicado por LAMB En: Christina Aguilera Noticias

3 de diciembre Monterrey
5 de diciembre Guadalajara
7 de diciembre Ciudad de México

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