Christina Aguilera le agradece a la actriz Carol Burnett en Redes Sociales

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Christina Aguilera aprovechó sus Redes Sociales para dedicarle unas palabras de agradecimiento a la actriz, comediante y cantante estadounidense, Carol Burnett.


El video muestra a Xtina firmando abajo el poster de Burnett que se encontraba en el Chicago Theater, luego de haber estado en su show "An Evening of Laughter and Reflection" el pasado 17 de octubre.

Christina Aguilera (@Xtina):
Ok so I’m a huuuuuuuuge Carol Burnett fan & her speech & tribute tonight brought me to tears....
Out of all the floors of the Chicago theatre and biggest names in business/ classics ...I chose carol to sign can’t compare to the gift of laughter and joy it eternally brings....and especially her rare effortless greatness that shines so brightly.
Her speech was so moving tonight and truly resonated with me. So genuine in a way you rarely see in people anymore...unfiltered, timeless...I was truly touched and inspired.
Raised also by my grandmother, who’s no longer here, I am grateful to carol for supplying a lifetime of memories I have to cherish with her while she was here...and shows that still live on I continue to watch with my mom & sister...and now daughter/ son....thank you carol and all who made the magic possible...for mine and many generations to come...

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Me sorprenden los ataques de espontaneidad de la queen <3

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